The beautiful Case of Synesthesia

Synesthesia is one of the neurological conditions that are more of blessings than burden. Although some people know about it, it is still a doubt whether it is real or not.

It is a scenario whereby all forms of cognitive or neural pathways intersect one another.

Imagine vividly seeing a work of art while you are listening to rock, or tasting berries at the sound of a revving Cadillac. This is what synesthesia is all about. You have your primary feeling get interpreted or translated by other secondary and even tertiary feelings in an indirect manner.

It is like speaking with your first language and immediately speaking your second and third language afterwards. Interesting right?

However, it is important to know that the knowledge and the understanding of Synesthesia could be used for advancement of the Human-Machine Interface or Brain-Computer Interface. Synesthesia could really change how we interact and interpret the activities of the brain into different dimensions. This means that it is possible to interpret an imaginary visual art in a synesthete brain into a classic musical or an hip hop beat.

If Synesthesia is fully explored, there will be groundbreaking ideas and discoveries about the interactions that go on in the brain. This can be useful in the Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning world.

Indeed the human brain is a bio-tapestry of wonders 😄😎🤩

Other forms of Synesthesia apart from the ones below are:

⏹️ Spatial Sequence Synesthesia
⏹️ Number Form Synesthesia
⏹️ Auditory-tactile Synesthesia
⏹️ Ordinary Linguistic Personification
⏹️ Misophonia
⏹️ Mirror-touch Synesthesia
⏹️ Kinesthetic Synesthesia

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