Space Shuttle Design

A space shuttle is a combination of the conventional aircraft and spacecraft technology. A space shuttle goes beyond earth’s atmosphere and is reusable unlike rockets.

The space shuttle is made up of four parts:

⏹️ An orbiter (The Shuttle)

⏹️ Two reusable solid rocket boosters

⏹️ One external fuel tank (not reusable)

A space shuttle is always launched in an upright position with 2 reusable rocket boosters and external fuel tank. The machine is powered by 3 engines, which are fueled by external fuel tank as well as the rocket boosters.

Airplane structures of the orbiter are useless in the vacuum of space until the orbiter re-enters the earth’s atmosphere.A spacecraft is a more efficient and economical vehicle as compared to its predecessors (capsules and rockets).

One of the unique features of a shuttle space is that each wing has an “elevon” which is a combination of an elevator and an aileron in an aircraft.

Instead of having a part that controls pitch (elevator) and another that controls roll motion (aileron), an elevon is designed to control the pitch (nose up and nose down) and roll motion at the same time.

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