Space Shuttle Simulation

This video shows the geometrical transformation of a computed space shuttle. In this case the shuttle is looping in the XZ plane of a three dimensional space XYZ.

It does this by rotating and translating.Students may not be able to fly in the spaceship yet, but we can teach them how to virtually design a space shuttle and simulate how it moves.

To do this, you need a grasp of geometry, matrices, linear algebra, etc. and this where we have got them covered.We are ready to help each student create the virtual version of a space shuttle fantasy until they finally make their dreams come true. BENT is designed for this exact purpose.

It is important for students to know that all learning contents designed for them are applicable in the real life.

This is why we, at BENT have been employing the use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning as the major tools for creating a balanced and specialized curriculum for each learners we engage.

With our highly sophisticated tool sets, we can help each student create pathways and processes to help make their dreams come true.

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