Meet The Doctor AI

This is #CareAi

As we came across this mind-blowing AI-Blockchain-IoT medical device called CareAi and what it does is extraordinary.It was showcased at European Commission Blockchain labs in Belgium.

What CareAi does is to diagnose most population-health diseases within seconds.

When you drop cotton carefully stained by the blood sample of a patient on the reader connected to the CareAi, it would print the disease you have or do not have in less than 3 seconds and you would also see the result of the test on CareAi screen as well.

Interestingly, CareAi would also move to the next phase of treatment or drug prescription and also connect you with a service provider that can offer you the services you need.


It also has a way of letting you know if you need a real doctor after diagnosis.When the diagnosis is done, CareAi would charge the diagnosis fee to your account.

With enough training data, CareAi can function close to a human doctor when it comes to giving diagnosis to patients.

CareAi diagnosing a tuberculosis patient

At BENT, we are given to exploring the borderlessness of the application of technology to solve genuine problems.

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