John Edwards Wrestling


Each title below contains a hyperlink to a wrestling page. Read the description of each page under the image. These pages will change over time and will only be viewed by us.

Everything here is a work in progress, and the tech will get better week by week! I will show you how to use it in our next session.

When you click the link it will direct you to a registration page. Register as a new user with the code MBStraining20.

All data is private including this webpage.

Wrestling Progression

This is where we we track your wrestling workouts, nutrition, and weight progression. Over time we will analyze this data for useful information to further improve your wrestling. Note this page contains mock data.


Use this as a guide for drilling and technique. Right now we have some basic neutral, top, and bottom technique you can use for drilling, visualizing, and conditioning. We will keep adding more as time goes on.


We will use this page to help guide us through lifting and conditioning workouts. Currently this page has 3 variations of workouts; a single pilates exercise, a single conditioning exercise, and a tri-set of conditioning exercises. All of which are great for wrestling. We are working with some high level wrestling strength trainers to develop a nice model.


This is where you will find suggestions for food. This page has 3 variations; a table of food suggestions, a randomly generated meal, and a randomly generated meal with macronutrient and serving size information. Expect your diet to be on here in the next week or so.

Movement Analysis

In this page we will use computer vision to analyze your wrestling and lifting mechanics. This helps me develop your exercise routines around your wrestling needs. This is a long term project! We are working with some experts in biomechanics to get it right.

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