Educationalized Unity Gaming

Use the playables by clicking the images below and downloading the file! (Mac PC only)

In each game you will earn points and redeem them by answering a series of related educational questions! (12/21/2020)

All playables will be available on iPhones and in the app store by mid November (android phones and similar app stores coming soon). Keep in mind these are all prototypes in phase 1. Expect updates and new versions weekly!

Car Damage (Physics)

Damage your vehicle as much as possible before totalling it!

Controls in Game

LiquidMaze (Physics)

Move the liquid from one end of the maze to the other without compromising the purity!

A and D rotate the maze – R restarts the maze.

PickupGORE (Trig & Physics)

Collect points by hitting anatomical objects and avoid medusa heads. Learn some physics by submitting your points and clicking “modules.”

 (WASD controls, K ignition, Esc restart, C cameras)

BMotion (Chemistry & Physics)

Visualize Brownian motion & diffusion by moving wheels around in a sea of creepy dolls!

Right click rotates the camera – Press right mouse key down and use WASD to navigate – Press the right mouse button, grab the wheel, gently move around.
Right click rotates the camera – Press right mouse key down and use WASD to navigate

CoupePhysics (Physics)

Race around the track as fast as you can while avoiding obstacles. Submit your name and time to see where you rank!

 (WASD controls, K ignition, Esc restart, C cameras, B hides telemetry)

Buckets (Physics)

Drag the center bucket and pour its liquid into the buckets without spilling!

Drag with mouse – D to pour liquid – R to restart

B&Chain (Physics)

Destroy all objects with the ball and chain!

WASD – R for reset 

Know Your Limit (Car Physics)

Learn the position, velocity, and acceleration of a moving car!

Move the slider

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